About Me:

Meet Jeannie, founder and creator of Inalignment: Fitness – Personal Training – Wellbeing.


To be truly In-alignment with our health & fitness, I believe we need to look deeper in to all components of our our physical, mental & spiritual goals.  

Aligning our fitness, food, lifestyle, sleep, stress and mental wellbeing will not only transform our mind & body, it will help to unleash our true, authentic self.

That’s why at Inalignment, my goal is to give you the ultimate personal experience and leadership throughout your health journey by ensuring you keep your health, fitness and wellbeing In-Alignment.


With a passion for living a life fulfilled by movement, wholesomeness and happiness, my services specialise in one-on-one personal training, small group training, boxing, functional and High Intensity training (HIIT), holistic health and wellbeing. 

I’m here to guide, motivate and educate you on Aligning yourself with great health. 


I pride myself on giving each and every client a personal experience by tailoring training plans, programs and wellbeing guidelines suitable to create an active, wholesome, sustainable lifestyle that is in alignment.